Deshamanya Engineer Tissaweera Siriwardhana Jinasena (1910 – 2005) was the second Chairman of the Jinasena Group and is the father of Dr Tissaweera Sriyan Jinasena. Educated at Royal College and Ananda College, Colombo, TSJ Sr. sailed to the United Kingdom in the 1920s to qualify as an Engineer. He invented the iconic Jinasena water pump and many more engineering devices which still contribute immensely to the engineering and agricultural sectors in Sri Lanka for over six decades. He developed the first ever Racing Car (Magpie) in Sri Lanka and his achievements are written in gold in the history of Sri Lankan Motor Racing Archives. He was married to late Mrs. Lily Margaret Fernando Jinasena.


The founder of Jinasena Group was the late Engineer Colamba-patabandige Jinasena (1873 – 1933), the visionary Sri Lankan who initiated the Jinasena legacy. Mr. C. Jinasena is considered to be the first Sri Lankan to obtain the membership of the elite British Institute of Mechanical Engineers during early 20th century. He served as the first volunteer engineer of the “Ruvanweliseya” reconstruction project, a responsibility his son late TSJ Sr. took over after his demise. Mr. C. Jinasena worked very closely with Sri Lankan leaders such as Anagarika Dharmapala and Walisinghe Harishchandra to change the mindset of the average Sri Lankans who were psychologically de moralized by the colonial rulers. Mr. C. Jinasena also contributed immensely in restoring the; Sri Maha Bodhi prakara and Golden Fence (Ran Weta), the four gates and the pinnacle of the “Tissamaharama” stupa etc.