TJF was established in 2010 in order to carry out all the social development services implemented by Dr Tissa Jinasena from the inception. The organization continues various activities relating to religious and spiritual development projects and activities.


Raise the consciousness level of people so that we create a happy, safe and sustainable world. To transform their unrelenting drive to satisfy the sensors and accumulate worldly goods, that is causing so much suffering, in to one of creating a just and happy world.


Make resources available so that inhabitants of this planet can find their true purpose in life and live it.


  • We believe that all inhabitants of this planet have a right to use and share its resources in a manner that does not degrade it.
  • We do not accept inequalities created by man to keep fellow human beings in bondage and suffering.
  • We believe all human beings have unique abilities and talents that can contribute to the progress of mankind; we encourage people to use these talents.
  • We believe that people are born with deficiencies and abnormalities due to previous bad Karma that can be alleviated.
  • We believe that present life and past life traumas cause behavioural problems that can be eliminated through healing.
  • We believe that mental suffering is caused by attachment to things that are inherently impermanent.
  • We believe pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, emotions are only a chemical reaction in the brain, we help people to understand this.
  • We help people understand that they are neither the perceiver nor the perceived, only participants in the act of perceiving.
  • We believe there is no being only the act of perceiving phenomena; if we develop the ability not to label, then we are Awakened.