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During the past 45 years I have endeavoured to raise the Consciousness level in the country through strengthening and restoring places of worship and carrying out training for many thousands of young people, but the Consciousness level overall has continued to decline at an alarming rate, to the point where it is obvious that Mankind will destroy itself

I see this happening during the course of this century as has been prophesied, a small part will survive, for them the knowledge of how thing actually are will be important, this knowledge will help them build a sustainable and just World.

This knowledge we seek to gather and sow in the hope that some of those who survive would be familiar with this knowledge and lead in the building of a new World. In the meantime all we can hope for is that a Enlightened Leadership will arise in the World from the Universe that can unify Mankind and lead it to salvation.

Dr. Tissa Jinasena

About Dr. Tissa Jinasena

Dr. Tissaweera Sriyan Jinasena (Tissa Jinasena) was born in 1948 to the well-known Jinasena engineering family as the youngest of four boys. He now carries the torch which was lit by his legendary grandfather the late engineer Colomba-patabandige Jinasena (the founder of the Jinasena group) and passed on to him by his illustrious father the late Deshamanya Engineer T.S. Jinasena Sr. He had his entire school education at St Thomas’s College, Mt Lavinia. He proceeded to the United Kingdom for university education in Engineering following the footsteps of his father and brothers in 1967.

After obtaining Bachelor of Technology degree from University of Loughborough he earned a Master of Science degree from University of Reading. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts. In 2008 University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka conferred an Honorary Doctorate on Dr Jinasena in recognition of the unprecedented contribution he has made to the industrial and manufacturing sectors in post-colonial Sri Lanka and his contribution to the humanitarian sector.

Returning home, he commenced his career in 1973 as a Director at Jinasena Group owned by his family where he was instrumental in establishing Jinasena Electric Motors (Pvt.) Limited, Jinasena Agricultural Machineries (Pvt.) Ltd and Jinasena Engineering Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.

In 1984 he played a key role in establishing Loadstar (Pvt.) as part of the Jinasena Group with ten employees. He was appointed Director Engineering and went on to become the Joint Managing Director and CEO at which time had a work force of more than 8000 and was the largest single foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka. Loadstar is considered as a world leader in Solid tires and a significant player in industrial and construction sectors.

Dr. Jinasena was; a founder board member of SLINTEC, which is the institution sphere heading the national Nano Technology Initiative of Sri Lanka, and was a Steering Committee Member of the Monaragala Rubber Development Program which was a national level initiative aimed at propagating rubber plantations in to none traditional areas of Sri Lanka. He continue to be a member of the Advisory Board of the Kuliyapitiya University College affiliated to the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

Precepts and Practices I follow

  1. I believe all those who work for me are human beings who should be treated with due respect and dignity regardless of their financial, educational and social status and background.
  2. I treat employees as members of my extended family; if they have problems especially serious illness in their families I try to help them. I nurture and develop them to fully realize their potential, it gives me intense pleasure to see them develop in life and live happily with their families.
  3. I believe honestly, integrity and being humane to be of paramount importance. People who work for me are always extolled to try to be good Human Beings, they are given extensive training on this aspect of their lives.
  4. I tell employees how I expect them to behave and act, after that I trust them to conform. If they do something to destroy that trust, I will discuss it with them and assess if they will change and can be trusted again, if they cannot regain my trust then they can no longer work for me. Intrinsically I trust my team and they know it and live up to it.
  5. I very much believe in and foster team spirit, management and employees are all engaged in a series of actions as a team that has a set goals to achieve, we all have our part to play, we can all contribute ideas as team players, be critical but always respectful. Team members are given responsibilities and remuneration in keeping with their abilities, but as members of a team they are all equally important and treated as such regardless of the function they perform
  6. I always strive to create a happy working environment. In such an environment employees are most productive and creative, they must look forward to coming to work and leave as happy individuals who have contributed to the sustainability and development of the institution, and even at home think how they can do something positive for the institution.
  7. It is my experience that people when they rise in an organization, get power, money and position develop a false sense of Self which is egotistical and totally destructive both to themselves and those around them. By always being humble, kind and considerate I set the example that they are forced to follow. Those who work for me expect these same leadership characteristics from anyone that gives them orders.


Before 1985

  • Modernization of the pump manufacturing industry In Sri Lanka to be able to compete internationally.
  • Introduction of new designs in the water pump industry through a dedicated R&D Division.
  • Introduction of Lean Manufacturing Systems in the pump manufacturing industry.
  • Improvement of the productivity of the agricultural sector through the design and manufacture of appropriate agricultural machines including Threshers, Reapers, Combined Harvesters, Trans planters.
  • Making Sri Lanka self-sufficient in the manufacture prime movers through the manufacture of electric motors and small engines for the agricultural sector.

1984 to 2010

  • Building a World Class manufacturing enterprise, becoming the largest in the World in its sphere of specialty as well as the largest export income earner in the country on 3 separate occasions.
  • Introduction of the most modern manufacturing systems including Lean Manufacture, Quality and Environmental Control Systems and recycling systems.
  • Training of Sri Lanka youth to be World Class operators and Leaders.

Vocational Training in the North and East of Sri Lanka (VTN) Project

A Pioneering Venture that Seeks to Impact Youth in Post-War Society in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Sperar head Construction of the phase one of the new vocational traing cener at kilinochchi. And laying the foundation of the laying of the GIZ cooperation.