Personal Development

Youth in Sri Lanka are now faced with increasing isolation due to the breakdown in the traditional family and getting distanced from much needed parental guidance. The lack of guidance at school results in them drifting into drug and alcohol dependencies, as well as addiction to social media and video games and pornography.

We train school children to establish clear goals and targets in life, we teach them life skills that will help them lead happy contented lives, we train teachers and parents how to build an enabling environment for the children to thrive. We also select high potential youth and train them to become change-agents in the world who will provide the leadership and skill required to address contemporary societal issues in efforts to build a more sustainable world.

In executing these efforts we have trained over 5,000 youth participants ranging from school students to university students to even young entrepreneurs and executives. These trainees have gotten exposure to leadership skills, personal management, good work habits and productive daily rituals, and spiritual upliftment for them to transform towards being future leaders. There are training centers established at Embilipitiya, Anuradhapura, Bolgoda, Bandaragama, Belihuloya and Mattegoda to cater for these training needs. All training programs are on average 2 days residential and all necessities for trainees are provided on-site.

Education development

The current Sri Lankan education system compartmentalizes the students into predefined silos where success is also predefined. Creativity, purpose, confidence, and uniqueness is lost in the process where eventually low quality human resources is throughput for the country's expected development. We expect to revolutionize this sector by initially uplifting infrastructure facilities for select schools to create a model where further development training programs are conducted with all stakeholders including students, teachers, and parents where a long lasting systemic change is to be imparted.

In the process we have conducted several project based interventions where we have uplifted school infrastructure through provision of buildings, sports and extracurricular facilities, music and aesthetics facilities, libraries and reading facilities, shrine rooms, and other miscellaneous equipment to aid teaching and learning. We have also attempted to fill the gap in the teacher demand in school through direct placements and competency development where it is critically necessary for aesthetic skill development and in counselling. In executing all these activities we have been able to reach over 2,000 students spread throughout 55 schools in the Embilipitiya zonal educational area. We have also continuously followed up with parents and teacher training sessions to extend the impact imparted by training programs conducted for students. Through these interventions we have successfully been able to uplift the overall educational outcome of the model we established in the selected area where students not only exhibit exceptional personal and leadership skills, but also showcased a pass rate increase from 40% to over 80% for the government certificate of education - ordinary level.

Technical skill development & promotion

Sri Lanka is facing low economic growth due to the underdevelopment of the rural SME sector and the critical shortage of well trained technicians to maintain sophisticated machines that are essential to improve quality of products and to improve productivity. Many talented youth in the rural areas are unable to follow the engineering stream due to shortcomings of the education sector in the rural areas.

We take youth with engineering abilities and train them to be Mechatronics Technicians, fully conversant with the latest technologies of automation and robotics, they undergo industrial training in some of the most advanced industrial establishments in Sri Lanka. We expect them in time to return to their villages and become social entrepreneurs after thereby initiating the much wanted rural SME sector through technology penetration to the rural areas.

Up to date we have successfully passed out over 400 NVQ level 4 mechatronic technicians that are getting placements in some of the best industrial establishments in Sri Lanka. There are students that excel in their studies during the training period and wish to extend their studies further to the diploma and degree program level. Over 10% of our passed out graduates have reached the level of entrepreneurship where they have established their own businesses in their respective fields of interest and are in the process of developing their immediate vicinity leading to rural development. These graduates are strongly bound with community service orientation where they have volunteered in promoting solar reading lamps, providing schooling equipment, revitalizing hospital wards, housing projects for the needy, providing tutoring services, cultural exchange programs for reconciliation, renovating religious establishments, and conducting numerous religious functions and events.

To cater for the technical training program we have set up training centers at Embilipitiya and Ekala. We also collaborate with numerous well-established industries in Sri Lanka for on-the-job training. We have also partnered with other like-minded for-benefit organizations and are in the process of building several other training centers to provide for the need of technical and vocational training as reconciliation efforts especially in the post-war recovering areas of the northern parts of the country. We provide assistance to existing vocational training institutions to develop their staff capacity and to improve their overall output.

Livelihood development & organic agriculture promotion

The once proud and economically significant rural farmers have gradually become a debt ridden highly fragmented community, with disharmony and drunkenness leading to the destruction of family lives and the future of the children. By using excessive amounts of agrochemicals they have poisoned themselves and the consumers of their produce.

We have established a sustainable village in the Anuradhapura district, where we have moved the farmers away from monocropping and excessive use of agrochemicals to a more sustainable organic farming cultivation through making available provisions for irrigation and organic farming technology transfer.

In this model project we have partnered with a village of 60 households and now working extensively with stakeholders from 25 interested households. We have developed the school and teaching methods, we have done continuous family development programs. We have conducted various training programs to diversify the farmer’s household income generation sources. This community is now being transformed into a vigorous self sufficient entity, this is a model we feel should be replicated in rural areas of Sri Lanka and will lead to a significant upliftment of the lifestyles in our rural communities.

We also observe that the migration of workers from rural areas have taken place prior to the current crisis of 2020, and are expected to return back to the homelands. There is another sector of expatriates that are returning back to Sri Lanka with qualifications and skills not suited to the human resource demand in Sri Lanka that need an avenue to find sustenance. An agriculture-based income generation model called fulfilled and sustainable lifestyle development model is work-in-progress in the same geographic area of operation for the latter human resource sector. Through this model we expect to deliver a feasible option for anyone with over 2 acres of land to generate an income of over 1 million per annum through diversification of their activities in organic cultivation, organic orchards, post-harvest value addition, and ecotourism.

Indigenious medicine promotion

Mankind developed in nature, was weaned in nature and is an intrinsic part of nature. Modern man is now trying to move away from nature, to exploit it and destroy it. Plant life is the foundation of all life on earth, we need to reestablish our intimate connection with nature and plant life or we risk destruction through diseases and pestilence.

We are dedicated to creating within people the love for nature and teaching them how to use the boundless gifts of nature to live a happy and sustainable life. The appreciation of the boundless healing energies and medicines that nature provides at no cost. We host awareness programs to increase awareness on sustainable lifestyles and how our food becomes a major source of our medicine and furthermore on how to extract sustainable sources of medicine from nature. We cater for indegnenious doctors to grow and source much needed medicinal plants and also to partner with the traditional healers and extract their knowledge for posterity and also to develop technologies in collaboration with the traditional knowledge to provide sustainable solutions.

We currently operate the indigenious medicine promotion work based from two sites in Mattegoda and Belihuloya where 10 acres and 75 acres of land is dedicated for setting up medicinal forest reserves with a rainforest-like plant density. These medicinal reserves will also be used for medicine processing by select indigenious doctors to source the medicinal plants that are rare. Through these plant medicine reserves, we have up to now, served nearly 30,000 patient prescriptions given by indigenious doctors where the patients had difficulty sourcing key medicinal plant elements. We have also hosted over 200 programs reaching over 4,000 participants where they spend a full day at our medicinal forest reserves and learn about traditional sustainable practices while connecting with nature. We have also reached out to indegenious doctors to assist them with infrastructure development to carry out their activities more effectively.

Consciousness development

The modern competitive consumerist lifestyle has been systematically perpetuated throughout society and is a global phenomenon that is slowly but surely disintegrating humanity which used to be a set of vivid and vibrant coexisting collective to monotonous survival and pleasure driven zombies that are destroying nature leading to an inevitable societal collapse.

We have set up consciousness development training centers to host training sessions to help people become more aware of contemporary issues deep rooted in society and to find ways to overcome them from looking inwards than outwards for solutions. The classroom based awareness sessions are combined with follow up sessions and experiential learning sessions where trainees get an opportunity to realize their true calling through extensive self reflection while reconnecting with nature. We strive for taking our trainees on a journey where they get an opportunity to leave their mere physical limitations behind and to truly experience energetically all that they are as fully manifesting human beings aligned with Universal Intelligence.

To cater for these functions we have set up training centers at Bolgoda, Mattegoda, and Belihuloya. We have also collected a vast database of information pertaining to unconventional teaching materials that our trainers utilize regularly for our internal skill development. We are in the process of developing training materials and training facilities for a novel program named the “Greatness program” where we target local youth with a multitude of skills and coach them to internally realize their potential and true calling. We intend to partner them with third party resource persons to further their careers in their respective fields of interest.

Empowering differently abled community

The differently abled community in Sri Lanka has an extensive communication gap leading to issues in societal inclusion and overall productivity in society contributing towards national goals.

We have developed technologies to bridge this gap to empower the differently abled community to function with society and integrate through better communication. Opening up these communication channels improves the chances of the differently abled community to become included in the society and function with their peers, and to become more confident in their day to day activities and contribute towards societal wellbeing.

To enable these functions we have developed softwares from ground up to assist the deaf and blind community in terms of lip reading technology development, braille technology dissemination, teaching softwares dissemination, providing additional tutorial facilities, and enabling networking with suitable and accommodating organizations for career path development. We have partnered with state universities and schools as well as independent organizations to promote the spread of such facilities to the need base. We have also assisted vocational training institutions dedicated for the differently abled community, not only through software based technological support, but also with personal and leadership development training sessions to improve employability and their societal outlook.