Mattegoda herbal plant reserve is fully developed with over 350 species that are field established herbal plant reserve to exhibit rare medicinal plants and enhance knowledge about indigenous medicinal plants, importance of biodiversity and conservation of medicinal plants. MOU provides medicinal plants and natural herbs free of charge as to promote them among the general public.


  • To welcome participants into a nature-centered, nature-connected environment, away from fast paced modern life.
  • To reawaken participants connectedness to nature and facilitate the understanding of the peace and serenity of nature-connected life.
  • To help identify bad practices in the participants day-to-day lives.
  • To provide alternative good traditional practices to incorporate into participants day-to-day lives.
  • To provide a glimpse into the Jinasena culture and inculcate the good practices of such.
  • To help participants realize the value of the abundance of herbal resources which they have grown oblivious to.
  • To navigate participants towards traditional Sinhalese medicinal methods.

One-day Awareness Program

We stress release programs for patients and participants free of charge. And also we provide valuable field visit for school children, practitioners and students of traditional medicine and how to use them.

Expected Outcome

  • Enhanced awareness on traditional medicines, remedies, organic farming food patterns and practices in the participants who are from divers sectors
  • Provided experience on forest bathing for people as to develop their attitude and practices to conserve the environment and planet.
  • Reduced psychological problems and increase mental & physical health.
  • Generated kindness - unconditional love in the participants as a basement for a fair society.
  • Increase your self-control and awareness for reduce addictive behaviors.
  • Provided medicinal plants and natural herbs free of charge as to promote them among the general public.