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TJF is the personal charity management agency of Dr Tissa Jinasena. TJF objective is to save lives, alleviate suffering, & maintain human dignity. It works towards creating societies where disadvantaged members are empowered to become self-reliant & thereby contribute towards the creation of a better world.







Solar Lamp Distribution:

TJF distribute solar lights especially designed for school children of remote villages with no electricity. The traditional kerosene lamp is considered hazardous & has caused numerous accidents causing serious damage to the lives of rural children.




 Street children’s home – Hulftsdorp:

TJF focus on street children with a sincere concern as they do not receive regular meals or formal education. They are exploited by the underworld & are often dragged into drug peddling & other anti social activities.  



Assistance to the needy people – Moratuwa:

The urban poor struggle to make a living, living mostly in illegal shanties or on the pavement. This initiative gives a monthly payment to more than 100 people, the poorest of poor whilst providing books and other requisites for the children & clothing for the families. 



 Children's Home - Sri Jayewardenepura

This was started to look after war orphans now is a safe home for nearly 100 children sent by the legal system. The court takes custody of children when it decides that the parents cannot effectively look after these children and also children who have been subject to sexual harassment. 




Elders home - Dambulla

This project provides assistance to 80 inmates.




School childrens health (Gurukumbura Vidyalaya):

This project provides milk in the morning to school School childrens health (Gurukumbura Vidyalaya): This project provides milk in the morning to school children of the indigenous people living in Dambana which is a reserve for this traditional hunting community. They are now cut away from their traditional hunting grounds and now forced to live a life of poverty. The children are malnourished and the glass of milk is the main motive to get them to come to school.




Assistance to Galnewa Wedamadura:

Is a free hospital that treats over 200 residential patients and over 1000 out patients monthly. Payment is purely voluntary and depends on the economic status of the patient. The shortage of pure water was a big constraint, we constructed a tube well and complete water supply system for this hospital. 




Assistance to Deaf and Blind School at Anuradhapura

Provide support to the visually and aurally handicapped children from the rural communities. 




Spiritual development is essential for a well-balanced society; we provide training facilities as well as infrastructure facilities for religious organizations so that they can better serve society 

Bikku Training Programmes




Infrastructure Development and maintenance

Refurbish - Meditation Training Centre - Ingiriyaura



Aparakka Mahavihara



 Sri Palabaddala Raja MahaViharaya



 Omaragolla Maha Viharaya



 Padeniya Siva-Kali Devale



 Church roof construction -Wattala




Animal welfare Annual Expenditure

Modern living especially high speed roads and automobiles cause grievous harm to animals. Through affiliated animal homes that treat animals that have been injured on our roads and also animals that have been ill treated by people. We treat them and try to rehome them or return them to their original habitat; those animals that cannot be returned are looked after in our shelters till they die.

Lucy Trust



Cat Protection Trust Gampaha


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Tissa Jinasena Foundation Activities & Photo Gallery

2017 & January to May - 2018

Various activities focusing on business, education and social development takes place within the Tissa Jinasena Foundation during the year. 

Key activities are listed here.



May 2018

2018/05/19 Donation of a Water Pump - Dahaiygamuwa, Kurunegala. TJF  
Kurunegala Images:    

April 2018

2018/04/24 අලුත් වැලි ඇතිරිමේ වාර්ශික පිංකම. Sri Maha Bodhiya - Anuradhapura TJF  
Anuradhapura Images:    

March 2018



Bolgoda Meditaion Centre handedover to Nirodha Retreats TJF  



January 2018

2018/01/17 Standing Flag Posts at Ruwanwali Seya TJF  
Anuradhapura Images:    

October 2017

2017/10/07 Refurbish - Meditation Training Centre at Ingiriya. TJF  
Ingiriya Images:    

September 2017

2017/09/13 Refurbish - Meditation Training Centre at Ingiriya. TJF  
Ingiriya Images:    
2017/09/12 Annual get-together with Children in Vajira Sri Children's Development Centre at Pitakotte. TJF  
Bolgoda Images:    

August 2017

2017/08/09 Vajira Sri Children's Development Centre at Pitakotte - Mr. Tissaweera Siriwardhana Jinasena Memorial Alms giving TJF  
Vajira Sri Lama Nivasaya, PitaKotte Images:    

June  2017

2017/06/02 Cleaning Water wells in Flooded areas TJF   
Flood Donation Images:    

May  2017

2017/05/28 Donations For Flood Relief In Sri Lanka <More Details> TJF  
Flood Donation Images:    

April  2017

2017/04/22 අලුත් වැලි ඇතිරිමේ වාර්ශික පිංකම. Sri Maha Bodhiya - Anuradhapura TJF  
Sri Maha Bodhiya - Anuradhapura Images:    
2017/04/21  අලුත් වැලි ඇතිරිමේ වාර්ශික පිංකම. Sri Maha Bodhiya - Anuradhapura TJF   
Sri Maha Bodhiya - Anuradhapura Images:    


Archive - Tissa Jinasena Foundation Activities (2016 and Before)    


Archive - Tissa Jinasena Foundation Activities (More)




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