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Sustainable Expo 2017 - BMICH


JET has been the producer of Jinasena Agricultural Machinery for decades and has contributed the Agrimec machinery and the Two Wheel tractor for the development in the Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka.

JET focus on promoting Solar energy and related energy conservation products locally manufactured and imported. The Research and Development arm of JET work on finding sustainable energy solutions to face the related challenges which the grass roots Sri Lankans would face in future.  






Research & Development -

Li-ion Battery Recycling Project

At JET we attempt to salvage Li-ion batteries from consumer electronic devices, electric vehicles, and any form of discarded batteries. By this effort we intend to squeeze out every last bit of energy storage capacity as possible.

We have also patented EV battery bi-fold reuse process in which large battery packs from mid-size EV’s transition to small compact EV’s, then reused again afterwards in off-grid solar power projects.


Gasoline to Electric Conversion of Three-wheelers

2.2 million gasoline driven three-wheelers are on the road today. We intend to promote electrification of these three-wheelers for sustainable use in future fuel price and GHG emission scenarios.

We have proven concept by developing technology for conversion kits for the conversion of 2-stroke and 4-stroke three-wheelers. We have also patented the novel method of retrofitting using existing gearbox. All these patents are freely available for public use as open source to promote dissemination of such technology in to all corners of the country.


Solar Products


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Solar Energy Solutions


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"Build SL"  Housing & Construction expo 2018 at BMICH



Sustainable Energy Expo 2017 at BMICH


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