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Dr. Nihal Jinasena

The video shows Dr. Nihal Jinasena addressing the staff of Loadstar (Pvt.) Ltd. Dr Nihal Jinasena was the eldest son of the legendary Jinasena family. He brought honour to his mother land from his university days in the United Kingdom. Along with eminent personalities such as Late Lalith Atulathmudali, P.C. Dr Nihal was one of the few Asians and Sri Lankans to lead University Unions in UK. After taking over Jinasena reigns from his father Dr NJ steered the Jinasena Group with his three brothers Rohan, Ranjith and Tissa making it the largest single foreign currency owner in Sri Lanka providing direct employment to more than 8000 Sri Lankans.   


Jinasena Story


Humanitarian Work

The video depicts the humanitarian work implemented by the Jinasena Group in the Asian Tusnami aftermath. 


Dr. Tissa Jinasena

Dr. Tissa Jinasena - Plastic & Rubber Institute 


C.Jinasen & Deshamanya T.S. Jinasena

The video tells the continuing mission of the Jinasena contribution to the society. The seeds were planted by the late C.Jinasen and the plant was looked after by the late Deshamanya T.S. Jinasena. The story continues as the video unwinds… 


Diganegama Projects  - Tissa Jinasena Group

Opening Ceremony of New School Building & Shrine Room at Diganegama Vidyalaya Anuradhapura.

Water For Life - Opening Ceremony of Tube Well Project at Diganegama - Anuradhapura