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Arunodaya-students development project, Kolonna, Embilipitiya as at 17 Oct, 2018 Progress review report
Student development project has already been started in six selected schools namely Ulviduwawa Vidyalaya, Koppa Kanda Vidyalaya, Omalpe Maha Vidyalaya, Kalla Maha Vidyalaya, Heyas Tamil school and Keheliyagama Primary School by SELF in collaboration with Headmasters and selected team member teachers of each school. There are nearly 2000 students in all six schools whereas there are around 120 teachers who are supposed to be trained under this project. The parents of all the students will also be touched through project activities as make the awareness to get their support. The main objective of the project is to develop the standard of education of selected schools by improving learning heathy environment for the students to blossom their full potential as to create purposeful life.


Following activities have already been completed up to now in order to facilitate the project effectively.
 Conducting of programme planning & progress review meeting

with Headmasters and selected committee member teachers in order to develop the blue print of the project. The back ground information about each school, students and parents were collected through open discussion had at ETC and schools as well. The ideas and opinion of the project members were considered and included in the proposal and the activities were designed accordingly for implementation. The progress made by the project have also been discussed at the meeting as well as the urgent and very important activities till December, 2018 were discussed and finalized.

 Conducting of leadership development training for student leaders.

“Blossom Your Life training programme has been conducted by SELF for 205 students comprising 89 females and 116 male students in 4 schools. The same programme to be conducted for another two schools in order to complete all the six selected schools. Initially this programme has been done only for selected student leaders in each school and possibilities to be explored from our side to do this programme for Kalle School in which there are more students in the secondary section.

According to the feedback from the principal of Koppakanda school for which we did the very recent programme (12-15 Oct, 2018), there is a significant positive behavioral change in the students and it has already been demonstrated by the students in all day to day routing activities for which there is a high regards. This was special for us also as we got students from grade 7 to 10 for the programme and tested the impact.

 Orientation & motivation programme for O/L students

At the urgent request of the headmasters of the schools, the very initial programme was conducted for 35 O/L students of both Omalpe and Ulviduwawa schools as to motivate and orientate them for forthcoming exam in December. This programme went on very well by stimulating the students for studies in formed groups for them to study till the exam. Prevailing issues & problems for their studies, importance of getting through the exams, techniques for memorizing were discussed and formation of groups of students for studies were done for effective study facilitation.

A systematic programme for gradual development of the student’s commitment & interest for O/L examination will be implemented from early next year.

 Printing of learning materials/ pass papers and special English work books

With the intention of supporting the English language development in the students in selected school as stipulated in the activity plan in the proposal, 100 booklets were photocopied and handed over to two schools for their ongoing language development initiatives. This has to be completed to the O/L students before the examination as a part of their extra study development initiatives. This workbook has been developed by the Zonal Education Office and it was not materialized to hand over to students due to financial issue.
50 sets of pass papers of O/L examination were photocopied for Ulviduwawa and Omalpe schools as to facilitate their intensive examination programme. This effort has to be continued as to provide assistance for other selected schools.

 Way forward (till Dec, 2018)

I. Basic awareness creation programme to be done for the teachers, students and parents as join intervention at each school and the dates to be given by them. Six programmes to be conducted to cover the entire population.

II. The first “Foundation for Success Training” to be conducted for the initial batch of teachers during 23-25 November, 2018.

III. The awareness programme on Organic Farming to be started from November. The initial awareness will be given to 60 student leaders (a team of 10 students from each school) as to initiate model garden in each school through the trained students. This effort will be guided by few teachers who will also be trained with the students groups.

IV. Jack tree cultivation project- This initial effort will be commenced at Ulvidiwawa School by cultivating 100 jack trees in collaboration with SELF under their sustainability programme. The jack trees will be provided by DS office free of charge as to launch this event through student leaders in the area.

V. The second O/Lstudents Orientation programme for Kalle Maha Vidyalaya on 30 Oct, 2018 for 90 students.

VI. Development of capacities at Embilipitiya Training Centre- providing of Photocopy machine, Duplo machine and stationary for printing.

Conducted programmes
O/L orientation programme 17 Oct, 2018


Blossom Your Life Programme for Koppakanda Vidyalaya during 12-15 Oct, 2018



Blossom Your Life Programme for Omalpe Vidyalaya- during 8-12 Sep, 2018



Blossom Your Life programme for Ulviduwawa School during 14-17 January, 2018


Blossom your life programme for Kalle Maha Vidyalaya during 6-9 Nov, 2017


Programme planning and progress review meeting