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Diganegama School Development Project

Education facilities at the rural level is not sufficiently good in everywhere as the attention and assistance of the authorities do not focus in the same way. Inequalities of the distribution of human & physical resources are widely prevailing mostly in many provinces except a few. Some of the schools have been identified to shut down whereas some of them have already been closed under various reasons. However, the students from the rural set up would suffer under this situation since their economical background is poor to afford money for getting tuition or distant schools. The only possible

effort is to develop the school facilities which would be beneficial to the entire children in the village.

Diganegama School has also been identified as school of less facilities but with more human capabilities to improve the life of village children. A dedicated team of teachers and the principal with more commitment & passion would take the lead towards a better education for the village children.


In this School Developing Project;

  • Developed NEW SCHOOL BUILDING  for Diganegama  Vidyalaya
  • Developed  BUDDHA SHRINE for Diganegama  Vidyalaya
  • Donated  BOOKS for School Library 


Opening  Ceremony of New School Building - Diganegama Vidyalaya, Anuradhapura. - 05th May 2018 


Opening  Ceremony of New Building and Book Donations for School Library - 05th May 2018



 Opening  Ceremony of New Shrine Room - Diganegama VidyalayaAnuradhapura.



New School Building Construction -  01st January 2018



New School Building Construction - 24th December 2017



New Building Construction Start at 02nd December 2017 



New Shrine Room - Building for Diganegama VidyalayaAnuradhapura - 30th November 2017