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සිංහලෙන් කියවීමට

Dr. Deshabandu Kularathne, a doctor of indigenous medicine from Elayapattuwa Anuradhapura has dedicated his life’s work to eradicating the widespread Chronic Kidney Disease which has become a major concern to the Sri Lankan population.   He established the “Suwa Udana Hela Weda Gedara” in the year 2000 giving new meaning to the practice passed down from generation to generation and igniting hope of a new lease of life among patients affected by the disease. 



At present the facility has the capacity to treat 56 patients in house with 6 wards reserved for clergy and 50 wards reserved for laypersons.  With the determination of extirpating kidney diseases from our country Doctor Kularathne provides a 30 day in house treatment inclusive of free medication and meals. In addition to medical treatments religious observance were made several times a day in the facility as it is Dr Kularatne’s belief that the patients spiritual healing is just as important as the medication provided for physical healing in order to gain recovery.  Most patients follow this spiritual message with heartfelt devotion. Following in the footsteps of their father and carrying the torch on behalf of the future generation Mr Kularathne’s daughter Ms.  Nadeesha Sajeewini and son Mr. Jeevan Vishwarathne Disanayake also work closely with their father in curing kidney disease in patients and strengthening the indigenous medicine trade in the country. In addition to treating patients with kidney disease Dr. Kularathne is also well known for treating diabetes, strokes, and injuries to the spinal cord.


"Suwa Udana" 

Hela Veda Gedara,


Elayapattuwa, Anuradhapura.



Dr. Deshabandu Kularathne 0724443000


26th February 2017


Recently, with the intention of strengthening Dr. Kularathne’s efforts Dr. Tissa Jinasena engaged in a tour of the facility. During this tour it was observed that the patients’ wards and sanitary facilities were in a decrepit state. A promise was made to Dr Kularathne by Dr. Jinasena to renovate the facility to a condition were the patients can receive their treatment and care comfortably.  In addition to donating funds to renovate and increase the capacity of the facility to treat 100 patients advice was given on building lavatory facilities to solve the sanitary issues faced by the patients.


18th March 2017



10 students studying innovation and technology at the Jinasena Training Foundation established by Dr Jinasena will be involved from time to time in the renovation and construction process of the facility in order to inculcate in them a sense of responsibility and satisfaction in working for the betterment of society. 


20th June 2017



08th December 2017



20th December 2017



18th January 2018

Opening Ceremony of New Hospital Building



18th January 2019

Arms-giving Ceremony for 1st anniversary of New Hospital Building