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Tissa Jinasena Group is an interesting combination of commercial establishments and charitable institutions, owned and promoted by Dr Tissa Jinasena, a third generation member of the legendary Jinasena family, which has a history of over hundred years of business specially in engineering and technology areas, driven by innovation, quality, application of technology and the can do ethos together with a pragmatic philosophy on how to live and lead.

Tissa Jinasena Group consists of;


Jinasena Industrial Parks (Pvt) Ltd.

Provider of Industrial Infrastructure

Jinasena Industrial Parks (Pvt) Ltd is a provider of commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure. The company presently owns five industrial and commercial locations situated in Ekala more


Jinasena Engineering Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Designer and fabricator of industrial plant and machineries

Jinasena Engineering Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is a medium sized engineering company specializing in the more


Jinasena Innovation and Technology Institute (Pvt) Ltd.

Developer of new products and technologie(being established)

This is a new company established specially for the purpose of carrying out inventions in new products and technologies. In addition to its more


Vedawatta (Pvt) Ltd.

Cultivation of herbal plants

This company specializes in cultivating herbs that are being used for Aurvedic and traditional Sri Lankan medicines more


Jinasena Training and Rehabilitation Trust

Nonprofit making trust involved in training of youth

Jinasena Training and Rehabilitation Trust which was initially known as JINASENA TSUNAMI REHABILITATION TRUST was established more


Tissa Jinasena Foundation

Nonprofit making institution promoting religious activities

Dr Tissa Jinasena has been heavily involved in propagating Buddha Dhamma for a long period of time. In order to ensure more