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"Enlightening Lives to Sustain the World "

In 1905 a visionary Sri Lankan named Colamba-patabendige Jinasena (first Sri Lankan Engineer to obtain British Professional Charter) started the first Sri Lankan engineering company producing equipment for the agricultural development of then Ceylon. C. Jinasena steered his enterprise through tough times with success and handed it over to his son Tissaweera Siriwardana (an engineer by profession) who further developed the establishment making "Jinasena" a house hold name in Sri Lanka. The four sons of the T.S. Jinasena, Nihal, Rohan, Ranjith and Tissa continued the journey making the Jinasena group the largest single foreign currency earner for Sri Lanka with world class products and providing direct employment for more than 8000 Sri Lankans.  


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Today after a century the Jinasena legacy continues as the Tissa Jinasena Group (TJG) with special focus on helping children and youth to become world class engineers of QUALITY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY and all Sri Lankan​s to achieve sustainable development by protecting nature and environment. TJG is an interesting combination of commercial establishments and charitable institutions, owned and promoted by Dr. Tissa Jinasena. All commercial activities at Tissa Jinasena Group are operated essentially to finance the charitable institutions. It does not seek any direct or indirect commercial gain in return.


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Tissa Jinasena Group Activities

Various activities focusing on business, education and social development takes place within the TJG



Tissa Jinasena Group consists of;



News Flash

Revamping of Suwa Udana Hela Veda Gedara

The Suwa Udana Hela Veda Gedara Ayurvedha Research Institute and Training Center is a well renowned treatment facility located in Perunkumala Aliyapaththuwa, Anuradhapura.



It specializes in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, common among the farming communities in the north central province of the island as a result of the widespread and unregulated use of agrochemicals. Currently, the center is in a dilapidated state with the condition of the buildings and facilities continuing to deteriorate requiring immediate renovation.

Training Program Schedule - Embilipitiya - 2017

Tissa Jinasena Group new Training Program Schedule 2017  at the Embilipitiya Training Centre. (Released on 22/03/2017) 


Vedawatta "Osu Uyana" Visiting Schedule 2017

Vedawatta "Osu Uyana" Visiting Schedule 2017 at the Mattegoda Vedawatta.(Released on 09/03/2017) 

If you are interested in visiting our Herbal Garden, please contact the below Officers;

Mr. Dissanayake - 0773 184068 , Mr. Chandrathilake - 0718 149330 

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Click the following links to download the application form. (Please refer the Application Form to see the conditions and the services offered.)


ඔසු උයන නැරඹීම සඳහා වන අයැදුම්පත්‍රය (සිංහල) 

Cricket Match 2016

On Sunday 25th December 2016 at Udammita School Ground - You are invited to join and cheer.


Group of Companies

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Jinasena Innovation and Technology Institute (Pvt.) Ltd.


Jinasena Engineering Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.


Jinasena Industrial Parks (Pvt.) Ltd.


Jinasena Training and Rehabilitation Trust


Jinasena New Technology Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.


Jinasena Training Foundation.


Tissa Jinasena Foundation.


Shape and Enliven Lives Foundation.


Vedawatta Company (Pvt.) Ltd.